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Funkimat 3ACO Funki
Definitive Pendular Feeder!
Simple structure leads to superior durability. Pendulum can be removed easily so that cleaning can be done without removing body. Manual feeding is possible. Pen and plumb are made of stainless. Basin is made of polymer concrete which has superior acid-resistivity and corrosion resistance.
Funkimat 3
Funkimat 3
Matching pig weight For piglet
For swine
For Wean
to finish
Matching head count 50heads/unit 40heads/unit 40heads/unit
Hopper capacity 100L
Matching feed Correspond to feed which is usable for automatic feeder.
(Pellet, Mash, Crumble)
FunkiMat Ver. 3 Double
FunkiMat Ver. 3 Double
FunkiMat double automatic feeder is a further development of ACO Funki's automatic feeder for piglets and finishers. The feed container and dosage unit is the same whilst the trough has been redesigned as a double version.
  For Finishers For Weaners
Weight of pigs from 30kg up to delivery weight from 6kg up to 35kg
No. of pigs 70 pigs per feeder 80 pigs per feeder
Dimensions H1503 x W1225 H1503 x W1225
Farrowing Feeding System
Automatic Feeding Management System for Farrowing pens and Stalls
Farrowing Feeding System


  • Feeding according to individual sow conditions and the number of piglets and lactating stage.
  • Maitain higher feedintack because of multiple feeding
  • Labor saving - Manual operation possible
  • Feeding sow in stalls possible
Finishers Sorting System "VELOS" Sorter
Advanced Finishers' Sorter based on RFID technology and Data management program
Finishers Sorting System
  • No. 1 Individual management
    - Overview of individual data for easier delivery planning
  • No. 2 Data management
    - Delivery planning for max. 3 week ahead based on growth data
    - Display graphical data of individual pens and general herd
  • No. 3 Shared information
    - Collected data can be shared and utilized among feed suppliers, vetenarians, meat processors and etc.
    - Access ot data from anywhere via Internet
  • No. 4 Layout proposal based on many experiences
    - Propose the most suitable layout design
Permformance Test Feeder
Data collection with precision possible
Permformance Test Feeder
Max. number of pigs 15 pigs (pellet)
12 pigs (meal and others)
Weigher sizes Entrance width 455mm (max) x Overall length 1075mm
Max. weighing capacity 400kg
Pen space required 1.0m2/pig (fully slated)
1.2m2/pig (solid floor)

Tools for Manual feeding

Stainless Feeder Snap FeederKane Piglet Feeder (Large)
Stainless Feeder Snap Feeder Piglet Feeder (Large)
  Stainless Feeder Snap Feeder Piglet Feeder
Install method Grapple and fix to floor board
Size (Dia.×Depth) 25cm×4cm 24cm×7cm 42.5cm×7cm
Material Stainless Polyethylene
Easy-to-clean design. Lightweight and tough. Classic product of manual feeder.
Lightweight and tough. Less feed stains.
Matching pig weight 6-18kg. Installation is easy by hooking to floor board.
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