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Dry ice(CO2) cleaning system and services

A moderate blast cleaning system which applies dry ice powder.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning - no damage to subutrate, enviornmentally clean and harmless.

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Dry ice blast cleaner "SUPERBLAST" is used in following application!

Cleaning Service

Introduction of process flow and details of our cleaning service.

Dry Ice Cleaning Machine "SUPERBLAST"

Introduction of Dry Ice Cleaning Machine "Superblast": specifications and reference information

Movies of cleaning by dry ice blast cleaning (YouTube)

Meat slicer Take paint off
Meat slicer
Take paint off
Vacuum device part's Automatic
Vacuum device part's
Removal of burned rubber Take paint off a can
Take paint off
Take paint off a can

What is Dry Ice (CO2) Blast Cleaning?

Principle of Dry Ice (CO2) Blast Cleaning

The device blasts dry ice particles from a nozzle against a target, by using air pressure. Micro cracks are generated by its thermal shock, which removes the film. At the same time, it removes the stain and the dust from the surface of the target, by using the rapid evaporation of the dry ice.


Features and Merits

Super Blast features are described on the left side below. It can provide specific benefits described on the right side below, because of its features. As a result, our dry ice cleaning provides environmentally friendly method of cleaning and can dramatically increase working efficiency.


Dry ice (CO2) blast cleaning has superiority in environment protection and labor health, thus it is expected to replace chlorine/carbon based cleaning. No only being environment friendly, but also it is a precision cleaning method compliant to 3R (Reuse/Reduce/Recycle) technologies.


Q. What kinds of contamination can be cleaned effectively?
A. There must be interface between the contamination and the substrate like for example, a painted surface. When dry ice breaks through the contamination and reaches to the interface, the efficiency of the cleaning comes to its maximum level. Paint, Gas deposition, Oil, Fat, Resin, Powder etc. can be cleaned at once. However, it is not effective for modified surfaces like metal film.
Q. Though it is said to be "environmentally clean", is CO2 newly generated by this cleaning method?
A. No. Liquid CO2, used for making dry ice pellet, is made from CO2 in the air and the one, which generates from the fossil fuel's combustion. That's why it cannot regenerate the CO2.
Q. In which industries, is Dry ice (CO2) blast cleaning used?
A. The method was invented for the aircraft paint peeling. Nowadays, the technology is widely spread in the areas of Steel, Molding, Train, Food, Medical, etc. Kyodo International offers an excellent cleaning solution for industries with exact manufacturing policy, such as electronics.
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