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Biotechnology Research Instruments and Services


"Unique and sophisticated system and original service for laboratory use"

We offer solution to fulfill versatile needs of life science equipment and reagent for DNA/RNA analysis, Cell incubation imaging, Protein crystal structure analysis. We even offer micro fluidics chip fabrication services, applying our proprietary microelectronics technologies.

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Devices and Reagents for Bioreseach

Nucleic acid

DNA Collection Kit : Oragene®·DNA
Yield DNA from the saliva. With this kit the purfication also becomes easier...
Collection kit for infant and elder is now available!
RNA Collection Kit : Oragene®·RNA
Yield RNA from saliva. Stable at room temperature, self-collection, easy transportation.Highly recommended for mRNA profiling and miRNA research.
Infection Disease Collection Kits : OMNIgene®·ORAL
Microbial/virus DNA collection kit : OMNIgene®・ORALLOMNIgene®·ORAL is an all-in-one system for­ the­ collection and­ stabilization of microbial DNA­ and RNA from saliva. OMNIgene ORAL OM-501 is for DNA and OM-505 is for DNA and RNA.
Microbial/virus DNA collection kits OMNIgene®·ORAL for gum, plaque and tongue
Microbial/virus DNA collection kits OMNIgene®・ORAL for gum, plaque and tongueOMNIgene®·ORAL for gum, plaque and tongue microbiome is a device for the easy self-collection and stabilization of DNA and RNA for microbiome profile analysis.
Microbial Collection and Stabilization Kits OMNIgene®·VAGINAL
Microbial Collection and Stabilization Kits OMNIgene®・VAGINALOMNIgene®·VAGINAL for microbiome is a device for the easy self-collection and stabilization of DNA and RNA for microbiome profile analysis.
Microbial Collection and Stabilization kits OMNIgene®·GUT
Microbial Collection and Stabilization kits OMNIgene®-GUT OMNIgene GUT is an all in one system for the non-invasive self-collection and stabilization of microbial DNA from feces/stool for gut microbiome profiling.
HEMAgene™·BUFFY COAT is a DNA stabilizing reagent designed for ambient temperature transport and room temperature archival storage, while enabling flexible sample management workflows.

Protein, Organic

Protein/low molecular crystal mount tool : Crystal Catcher ™
New idea product for X-ray crystallography, easy handling at mounting crystal, effectively picks up protein crystal. Better X-ray diffraction data quality than loop method.
Crystal Remover
Crystal RemoverGently remove attached crystal to incubation container.
Micro Knife
Micro knifeIdeal for cutting crystal out from gel.
Usable for fine cutting operation in other application.

Cell Cultivation / Imaging / Preservation

Hypoxia/Hyperoxia controller : Biospherix
Biospherix Incubator AccessoriesLimitless applications for your incubator, your protocols, your cell culture.
Cell incubation & Processing system, Xvivo
Biospherix Xvivo WorkstationControl precise O2, N2, CO2 gas concentration, could incubate, manipulate, observe your cell inside Xvivo.
High Pressure Chamber for Cell Culture and Experiment with Small animals
Biospherix Xvivo WorkstationA high pressure chamber can make high pressure environment(up to 0.30MPa) in chamber. It can be used for high pressure experiment for cell culture or small animals.
NEW3D cell culture device with microfluidic technology CEP3D II
マイクロ流体を応用した3次元細胞培養デバイス CEP3D-IICEP3D II is cell culture device which intergrated with microfluidic channel for high throughput drug screening. It will reduce the use of medium, additives reagent and valuable cells.
生体機能チップ Organ on a ChipMicronit Organ-on-a-Chip is three layer re-sealable glass slides with integrated cell culture membrane. The chip create the mimicking in vivo environment for cell culture by two separate flow chamber and dynamic microfluidic flow.
Hadatomo™ Photoacoustic Microscope
Hadatomo™ Photoacoustic MicroscopeHadatomo™ is a photoacoustic microscope that can non-invasively image blood vessel structure. This new imaging technology is poised to contribute to further advances in regenerative medicine, dermatology, and plastic surgery.
Live Cell Imaging Chamber & Incubation Observation : Chamlide™
In order to be able to offer the essential for Live Cell Imaging observation chamber, incubator system and peripheral devices, researchers brought to life Chamlide series products.
Bio printer and bio material for tissue engineering 3D Discovery & BioInk
Bio printer and bio material for tissue engineering 3D Discovery & BioInkThe 3D Discovery instrument is a cost –effective 3D bio printing platform to explore the potential of 3D tissue engineering through the bio printing approach. Spatial control of cells and morphogens in a three-dimensional scaffold is an innovative approach to construct designed organotypic in-vivo models of soft and hard tissue.
Perfecting Cryopreservation VIA Freeze™
Liquid nitrogen-free controlled rate freezer VIA FreezeVIA Freeze™ is developing the liquid nitrogen-free cryogenic cold chain. This avoids contamination issues associated with the use of liquid nitrogen and allows GMP compliance. As a result, these freezers can be used in laboratories which demand high air quality.

Small animals and plants experiment

Hypoxia/Hyperoxia controller : Biospherix
Biospherix Incubator AccessoriesThe device to produce environment with hyperoxia or hypoxia for experiment on small animals and plants

Microfluidic Chips (Lab-on-a-chip)

Microfluidic Chip ; µTAS
We offer a microchip fabrication for nano-bio or Micro chemical systems. We provide you with one stop total service.
Microfluidics Peripherals
With the cooperation of the Micronit Microfluidics B.V. in Holland, we offer the standard microchip and the microchip peripheral devices.

Biotechnology applied products

DNA Analysis service for Pork Industry

For detemination of parentage, boar and sow selection and improvement breeding

Biogas plant system

Protection of the environment is supported by the biogas system, which is used for the animal waste treatment system.

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2-10-9 Miyazaki,
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